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This Cookie Policy aims at showing types and categories of cookies, as well as purposes and ways of using cookies by Airport Hotel Bergamo (GT srl), also giving users information about how to refuse and remove cookies on the Website: https://www.airporthotelbg.it

This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the below Privacy Information

User can consent to the use of cookies by surfing this Website, i.e. browsing and clicking on links in the Website, or clicking on the “Ok” button of the information at the bottom of the screen when accessing the Website, as required by the provision of the Authority for the protection of personal data (n. 229, May 8, 2014)

What are Cookies?

Cookies are clusters of data (files or temporary data) sent by a server to the User’s Internet browser, which automatically stores them in its cache and sends them back to the server anytime needed or at any further access to the Website. A Cookie usually contains the name of the website where it comes from, the lifetime (i.e. how long it will be stored on the User’s device) and a value, which is usually a randomly generated number. At any further access, Cookies are sent back to the Website which generated them (so-called “first-party” Cookies) or to a different Website that recognizes them (so-called “third-party” Cookies). Cookies are useful because they make a website recognize the User’s device and, for example, let Users surf pages efficiently, save favorite websites and, generally, improve web surfing. They also make online advertisements more focused and closer to User’s interests.

If the User chooses to disable Cookies, this might influence and / or limit him surfing the Website – for example, the User might not be able to see some pages of the Website, or he might not receive customized information when surfing the Website.

How do Cookies work and how to remove them?

Cookies can be limited or blocked by changing settings of the User’s Internet browser. The majority of browsers are initially set so as to automatically accept Cookies, but the User can change such settings so as to block Cookies or be notified anytime Cookies are sent to the device. There are different ways to manage Cookies: please make reference to browser’s User manual or help centre to set the browser itself. In fact, User can change default setting and disable Cookies (i.e. block them permanently), by setting the highest protection level.

Please find information about how to manage Cookies in the most commonly used browsers at the links below:

Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/it-it/windows7/block-enable-or-allow-cookies

Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH11913

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=it-IT&hlrm=fr&hlrm=en

Firefox: http://support.mozilla.org/it-IT/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences

If different devices are used to access the Website (for example PC, smartphone, tablet, etc), the User shall control that each browser on each device is set according to User’s preferences about Cookies. To delete Cookies from the Internet browser on a smartphone / tables, User manual shall be referred to.

Which kind of Cookies does Airport Hotel use, and for which purposes?

The Website uses different kind of Cookies: each of them has a specific purpose. Airport Hotel Bergamo uses Cookies to simplify the use of the Website itself. Cookies can also be used to speed future experience of Users on the Website. Moreover, Airport Hotel Bergamo uses Cookies to draft anonymous statistics that help understanding the way Users surf the Website, so as to improve its structure and contents.

Following, an explanatory list.

Technical Cookies

So-called Technical Cookies are used to carry out activities that are that are strictly necessary for the operation or delivery of the Service (art. 122, comma 1, DLgs 196/2003, Personal Data Protection Code). Such Cookies do not have any further purpose and are normally set up by the Website owner or manager. They can be divided into navigation cookies and session cookies, ensuring normal navigation and use of the Website.

Session Cookies are temporarily stored in the cache when surfing a website – for example in order to keep track of the preferred language or log in into reserved areas. Session Cookies are stored in the cache for a short period of time. In fact, they are deleted as soon as the Uses closes the browser.

Permanent Cookies, instead, are stored in the cache for a long period: this kind of Cookies has an expiry date. Permanent Cookies allow a Website to remember information and setting for future access from the User, so as to speed and simplify navigation – for example, User won’t need to log in again. Once expired, the Cookie is automatically deleted when User first accesses the Website that had created it.

Function Cookies allow Users surf according to selected parameters (for example language, selected items to purchase..) so as to improve the service.

Analytics Cookies are similar to Technical Cookies as far as they are used by the Website owner to collect anonymous information about the flow of Users and the way they use the Website.

For the installation of any kind of Technical Cookie, User’s authorization is not necessary.

Profiling Cookies

Profiling Cookies aim at creating User’s profile and are used to send ads according to User’s preferences revealed through web navigation. This might be invasive for User’s privacy, therefore, European and Italian legislations state that Users must be informed about the use of such Cookies and shall express valid authorization.

This Website does not use Profiling Cookies.

Third-party Cookies

When a User surfs the Website, some Cookies might be stored, independently from Airport Hotel Bergamo. This occurs, for example, if the User visits a page with contents coming from third-party websites. Consequently, User will get such third-party Cookies. Airport Hotel Bergamo has no control on information given by Third-party Cookies, nor access to data. Such information is totally under Third-party societies’ responsibility, according to their privacy policies.

Third-party Cookies on Airport Hotel Bergamo Website are reported below. The latest are under third-party owner’s own responsibility, and are classified as follows:

Analytical: Cookies used to collect and analyze statistical information about accesses / visits to the Website. Sometimes they are linked to other information such as data inserted to log into private areas (e-mail address and password) so that they are used to outline the User (personal habits, visited websites, downloaded items, kind of interactions, etc). If Users want to block Third-party Cookies on their devices, they can click on the following links and get access to information and Third-party consensus forms in order not to receive Analytical Cookies.

Such Cookies are not under Website’s direct control, therefore, in order to cancel consensus, it is necessary to make reference to third-party’s websites or to www.youronlinechoices.com to get information about how to deal with Cookies according to the browser used, and manage third-party profiling cookies.


Name   Deadline

_ga        2 years

_gat       30 seconds

_gid       1 day

cookie_notice_accepted             30 days

wfvt_xxxxxxxx 30 minutes

wordfence_verifiedHuman       1 day

Service’s Owner

The Owner of the service and its data is GT SRL – Via Don Ubiali, 1 – 24060 – Bagnatica (BG), e-mail: info@airporthotelbg.com – phone n.: +39 035303805.

Purposes of data processing

All data Users put at our disposal are processed as normal business for our Company, particularly to carry out legal obligation (for example administrative procedures, tax and accounting obligations, etc.) in order to complete and confirm reservations, provide required services and send informative e-mails about our products and services according to our customer loyalty policy (Art. 47 Reg. UE 679/2016).

Methods of data processing

As far as methods of data processing are concerned, we inform Users that personal data are recorded in a specific digital archive. Notwithstanding the use of proper safety measures for the protection and privacy of data, as required by the provision for the protection of personal data, Users’ data are processed through proper archivers and data processing programs.

Mandatory or optional nature of providing data

For the sake of completeness, we inform you that personal data are compulsory (i.e. consensus is not required, as per art. 23 and following) as far as they are used by our company to fulfill contractual or legislative conditions, or they deal with data linked to public registers, lists, acts or documents consultable by anyone and, in any case, excluding sharing, anytime they are processed to defend one’s right in legal branch.

Consequences of a potential denial

Denial of giving essential personal data (for ex.: name, surname, company name, address, nominal capital, telephone and fax numbers, legal representative, tax code and VAT number, bank reference, etc) might make the introduction or  continuation of contractual links impossible.

Subjects that can learn about data

Your personal data will be processed by the following categories of people:

  • Company management, acting as responsible for the processing;
  • Operators of the company, acting as people in charge for the processing;
  • Hotels management, acting as responsible or people in charge for the processing;
  • Airport Hotel reception, administration and treasurership staff, acting as people in charge for the processing;
  • Manager consultant and security public offices, as far as compulsory fulfillment of the norms in force are concerned.

Data will never be shared, unless clear consensus is given by the user.

In order to get information from people in charge for data processing, just send an e-mail to info@airporthotelbg.com

Rights as per art. 15-16-17-18-20-21-22 REG UE 679/2016

In conclusion, we remind users about their rights, as per REG UE 679/2016:

  • Access Right: the interested party has the right to access personal data being processed, in order to verify they are processed according to the law;
  • Amendment right: the interested party has the right to obtain amendment for imprecise or incomplete personal data, so as to guarantee exact information according to the purpose of data processing;
  • Cancellation right: the interested party has the right to ask the owner to cancel personal data and not to process them anymore;
  • Processing limitation right: the interested party has the right to ask the owner limitation in processing of personal data;
  • Data portability right: the interested party has the right to receive personal data in a commonly readable format, and pass them to a different processing owner;
  • Processing opposition right: the interested party has the right to oppose data processing according to GDPR, at any time, no need to justify this decision;
  • Right of not being subject to automate decision processes: the interested party has the right not to be subject to decisions only based on automate processing of data, including profiling, thus producing legal consequences or affecting the subject anyway.

Users also have the right to file a complaint to the control authority.

Revocation of consensus

If processing is based on consensus, as per art. 7 REG UE 2016/679, User can revoke consensus for processing of personal data – with no detriment of legitimacy of processing carried out before the revocation itself – just sending an e-mail to info@airporthotelbg.com with a copy of User’s ID card and the following message: <<revocation of consensus for processing of all my personal data>>. Then, all User’s personal data will be deleted from archives as soon as possible.

For any further information about processing of personal data, or to exercise the above-mentioned rights, you can send an-email to the address indicated above.

Before giving or changing any information, it might be necessary to verify User’s identity and pose some questions. Staff will reply as soon as possible.

In order to get information from people in charge for data processing, just send an e-mail to info@airporthotelbg.com